Watercolor Set – 48 Assorted Colors (Metallic Box)

Product Description

Whether you are a student or an artist, this watercolor set will give you a unique watercolor experience. This time, with a wide range of colors to choose from!

  • Items included in the set are:
    2 x Easy-squeeze water brush pen
    1 x 12 sheets watercolor pad
    48 x Removable solid watercolor blocks
    1 x Metallic box
  • [48 UNIQUE COLORS]: Our colors are bright, fade-resistant, and rich. Easy blending allows artists to create endless color combinations. With high solubility and transparency, it is easy to color.
  • [CONVENIENT]: We designed a portable pull ring for the product to allow artists to use it as a portable palette and for ease of holding. Plastic box is also highly portable for your painting needs anytime, anywhere.
    [High Quality] The watercolor paper included with the watercolor set is of professional-grade. This allows ease of creating simple and uniform watercolor paintings.
  • [REMOVABLE COLOR BLOCK]: Each small color block in the watercolor set can be removed separately, which can effectively avoid dyeing between different colors. After the color block is used up, refills are available, making it a sustainable investment for long-term use.
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