Deluxe Art Set in beechwood box – 105 Piece

Deluxe Art Set in beechwood box – 105 Piece


1. The wooden box is made of beech wood, which is hard and durable without deformation. 2. The color is rich and high quality oil pastel uses smooth color saturation, color mixing and color development performance. The effect is excellent. 3. The color lead uses A10 advanced lead core + poplar softened board, which has good painting effect and the core is not easy to break when sharpened. 4. The marker pen adopts high-quality pen tip which is easy to use and does not leak. 5. The needle tube pen adopts Japanese pen tip, and the drawing is continuous. 6. A copy of marker pen and color pencil drawing paper will be provided.
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Product Description

Inspired by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci? Buy this art set now to create your own masterpieces with this all-in-one art set. 

Product Description

  • Items included in the set are:
    24 x Color pencils
    24 x Oil pastels
    24 x Gouache cakes
    3 x Nylon-hair brushes
    1 x Vinyl eraser
    1 x Kneadable eraser
    1 x Sandpaper block
    4 x Graphite pencils: 4B, 2B, HB, H
    12 x Dual-tipped watercolor markers
    3 x Graphic fine line marker pens
    1 x Oil pastel extender
    1 x cotton
    1 x 2-hole metal sharpener
    1 x 12 sheets marker pad with binding spirals
    1 x 12 sheets drawing pad with binding spirals
    2 x Blister box
    1 x Wood organizer case
  • Durable – Wooden box is made out of beech wood for sustained durability without deformation problems.  
  • High Quality – High-quality oil pastels good for making effects with smooth color saturation, color mixing and color development. The color leads uses an A10 advanced lead core with a poplar softened board. This creates a good coloring effect with a core that is not easily breakable when sharpened. High-quality opaque watercolor blocks are easy to use with high color purity. The high-grade lead core of the drawing pencils with its poplar softened board ensures core is not easily breakable. The dual-tipped watercolor markers has high-quality tips with zero leakage while the fine liners pens adopts a Japanese pen tip to allow painting without intermittent lines.
Weight 2.245 kg
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